Saveurs du Luberon


Poached oysters from Camargue in a roots "bouillon", cream of salsify with horseradish, parmesan cheese sabayon with oyster juice
Around duck "foie gras" :
Cube of foie gras with its heart of apple and Bourbon vanilla, "cromesquis" croquette of foie gras with peanuts

Main course

Roasted and boned half Miéral pigeon, its leg stuffed with its giblets and chard,
Mashed cauliflower romanesco with hazelnut, caramelised broth of meat with juniper berries
Panfried bull fillet from Camargue,
Jerusalem artichoke cubes, juice with Himalaya pepper
The wild fish (8€ supplement) :
Marinated in coffee oil then roasted zander fillet, parsnip cream, slices of shallots, broth of fish with caramelised wild onions

Cheese or Dessert

Brillat-Savarin with torrefied pistachio and a selection of matured cheeses
Meringue shell garnished with blood orange cream and chocolate, tonka bean icecream
Soaked cake with cointreau stuffed with pear compote, Carribbean black chocolate sorbet
Chestnut mouss and frangipane tart with chickpea flour and sesame seeds, Baileys icecream

52 Entrée, plat et dessert

À la carte : les entrées à 23€, le taureau et le sandre à 39€, le pigeon entier 42 €, fromage et desserts à 15€.


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